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Masterline Walker sponsor four CHARTER BOATS in Minehead, Dartmouth, Dover and Brighton. All skippered by experienced fishermen. To experience a day at sea see contact details below.

MINEHEAD - Osprey1

Contact: Steve Webber. t: 01643 702756

DOVER - Louise Jane.

Contact: Andy King. t: 01797 329479

DARTMOUTH - Samuel Irvin.

Contact: Ian Noble. t: 01803 834598

BRIGHTON - Aquavitesse.

Contact: Noel West. t: 07766661066

Wasing Trout Fishery
Wasing Coarse Fishery
Lechlade Trout Fishery Esthwaite Fishery1

Wasing Trout Fishery

Wasing Trout Fishery has12 named pools on approximately 2 miles of the river Enborne and 16 acres of water at Shalfod Lakes. For more information visit

Wasing Coarse Fishery

With approximately 4 miles of the legendry river Kennet, Wasing claims the best coarse fishing river in Britain. For more information visit


Lechlade Trout Fishery

This fishery lies in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, near the headwaters of the River Thames. It is beautifully landscaped and peaceful and offers a superb range of fishing. For more information visit

Trout Fishery

Esthwaite water is a varied fishery with deep basins and shallow bays. It is a glacial lake set in the Silurian hills of the Lake District.

For more info visit:

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