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Nige Williams Pike Tips




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Nige Williams, Masterline's pike expert and designer of the XTC range, catcher of 20 pike over the magic 30lb barrier, with a personal best of 40lb12oz.Nige Williams






I personally use a Masterline XTC 12' 3 1/4 lb Big Bait rod but it is essential to use a big spooled reel to cope with the amount of 35lb Cortland braid you need
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Gravel Pits and How Best To Tackle Them.

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Gravel Pits
Pike Rig
Piking in the Fens is very rewarding. See below Nige's Fenland personal best 38lb4oz caught on a Masterline XTC 11' 2 1/4 test curve Fen River rod.
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Nige Williams
Fens Diagram
Get the right lure to suit your fishing. These are some of Nige's favourites.
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The Right Lure
Lure Description
Drifter fishing is an excellent way to catch big pike and also to learn about the water you are fishing.
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Drifter Float
Use some of these tips and hints on a river near you.
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Hints and Tips
The paternoster rig is an ideal method for catching pike.
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Paternoster Rig
Making a trace
Trace Making
The XTC boat rod is ideal for trolling.
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