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2007 Rods Page

Rods for every fishing situation!

The Masterline 2007 Rods Range covers every fishing situation across all price ranges - match, carp, barbel, pike, bass, salmon, coarse, float, trotter, avon, quiver, feeder, ledger, stalker, jerk bait, spin, fly, spey, travel, beach, boat, pier, plugging.

The number one brands in rods- J.W. Young, Normark, Avenger, Titan, Microlite, Nirvana, Nova, John Wilson, Signature, Project M, Prime, Ideal, Nomad, XTC, Toothy Critter, Cortland, CX, GR4, Enduance, Tideline, Masterstick, Codfather, Voyager.

Many models with LOWER PRICES for 2007.

Many NEW models across the range:

  • J.W. Young Margin Carp
  • Normark Nova 5pc Carp
  • Project M Power Carp
  • Project M Feeder
  • Project M Power Feeder
  • Prime Pike
  • Ideal 4pc Spin
  • Tideline Bass 5c
  • XTC Jerk Bait
  • Tideline Boat 2pc
  • Tideline Plugging
  • Tideline Boat Match


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