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Rapala Lures - Holds the World Record for World Records!

The world number one range of fishing lures - X-Raps, Original, Floater, Countdown Sinking, Skitter Walk, Skitter Pop, Minnow Rap, Long Casting Minnow, Twitchin' Rap, Tail Dancer, Dives-to, Jointed Floating, Team Esko, Shap Rap, Super Shad Rap, Jointed Shad Rap, Glass Fat Rap, Glass Shad Rap, Husky Jerk, Sliver, Magnum, Barra Magnum

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Blue Fox - "Fish Smart" !

Vibrax spinners: Original, Shad, Hot Pepper, Foxtail, Fluorescent, Shallow Super, Deep Super, Salmon Super, Shallow, Double Header, Piker; Spoons, Enviroweight and floats

Luhr Jensen - Where legends live!

Quality lures for record catches - Kwickfish, Krocodile, Diamond King, Jet Diver, Dipsy Diver

Ragot - Redecouvrez la peche!

Votre favorites - Raglou, Raglou Tiger, Raglou Star, Mitraflash, Mackerel Feathers, Sea Plane, Mitralite Spoon, Yann, Yannlit, Ballrag, Aquadive

Williamson - Conquering the world's greatest!

Offshore saltwater lures for every major bluewater game fish - Live: Little Tunny, Bunker, Ribbonfish, Squid, Ballyhoo, Ballyhoo Combo. Bo Bom Express, Big Blue Cavitator Rigged, Wave Doctor, Pulverizer Rigged, El Dino Rigged, Front End Cavitator, Tuna Bruiser, Dorado Catcher Rigged, Sailfish Catcher Rigged, Wahoo Catcher Rigged, Octopus Squid, Venturi Hole Jet Rigged, Cedar Plug Rigged, Australian Runners, Exciter Birds, Softie Birds, Tuna Thrasher, Albacore Feather, Abyss Speed Jig, Benthos Speed Jig, Master Jet Kit, Game Fish Kit, Tuna Feather Kit, Sailfish Kit, Dynamic Tandem Assist Hooks, Single Assist Hooks, Dressed Hooks.

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Storm - Always think like a fish. no matter how weird it gets!

Jointed Minnowstick, Rattlin' Saltwater Chug Bug, Thunderstick MadFlash, ThunderCore: Pilcher, Dawg, Raz'r Back, Scoot N' Craw, Miner, Squirter, WildEye: Minnow, Soft Shad, Suspending Swim Bait Shad, Slow Sinking Curl Tail Shad, Soft Shad, Curtail Minnow, Vibrotail Jig, Rippin' Swim Shad, Jerkin Minnow Freshwater, Swim Shad. Kickin' Segmented Minnow, Kickin' Eel, Kickin' Slab, InTense Swim Shads, Swimming Crab. Naturistic WildEye: Trout, Crappie, Perch, Pike, Sculpin, Peanut Bunker, Roach, Sunfish, Mackeral, Muddler, Sardine, Minnow, Rainbow Trout, Anchovy, Herring, Neried, Sand Eel. Naturistic Shrimp, Freshwater Kit, Saltwater Kit , Texas Weight.


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