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2007 Hooks/Flies Page

VMC Hooks - World's finest!

Coarse/Carp: Roundbend Carp, Beak Carp, Hunter Carp, Allrounder: Spade Barbless, Eyed Barbless, Spade Barbed, Eyed. Salmon: Worming Baitholder, Fly Double, Fly Treble. Predator: Soft Bait Plastic Single, Standard Treble, Extra Strong Treble, Extra Strong Semi-Barbless Treble, Perfection Treble, Round Bend Treble, Lure Change Treble. Sea: Aberdeen Extra Strong, Aberdeen Forged, O'Shaugnessey, Baitholder, Aberdeen FastGrip. Bulk Sea : Aberdeen Extra Strong, O'Shaugnessey, Special Circle .


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Dragon Flies with Simon Robinson Choices!

Reservoir Flies Attractor Lures, Competition Lures. Small Water Nymphs, Attractor Lures. Buzzers & Emergers, Stillwater Dry Flies & Vibrator Daddies, Reservoir, Boobies, Goldhead, Popular & Goldhead Nymphs, River Dry & Nymphs, Traditional Dry, Wet, Pike, Saltwater, Pike Wobblers, Simon Robinson, Toothy Critter, Selections.



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