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2007 Flylines & Backing/Leaders Page

Cortland - Technical excellence!

Industry leading flylines for virtually every angling application - Precision, Dyna-Tip, Tropic Plus, Tricolor Spey, Change-a-Tip, 555, Lazer, 444SL, 444 Classic, 444XP, Quick Descent, 333 Pro, 333+, Fairplay

Masterline - Value for money!

Ideal XL

Toothy Critter

Debut Backing Attached

Jim Teeny - Speciality lines !

Professional Series - Gary Lafontaine, Dave Whitlock, Flip Pallot, Chuck & Duck, Mini Tip, Tip Taper, T Series, TS Series, Extreme Distance

Click the catalogue page image to view the complete flylines ranges.
Click on the above flylines catalogue page images to view the 2007 Flylines range - weight forward, rocket tapers, double tapers, spey, floating, intermediate, sinking, sink tip, shooting heads, running line, clear lines, ghost tip, multicolour, change-a-tip, clear camo, big fly tapers, indicator, lead core, shooting line, Zip Polypro, species specific - trout, salmon, pike, bass, tarpon, billfish, bonefish, redfish, striper, steelhead

Cortland & Masterline - Total quality braided backing & leaders!

Micron backing, Ultra Thin backing, Saltwater backing, Micronite backing, Kerplunk lead core, Spectron Masterbraid, 333 & Precision leaders, leader loops, braided mono backing, fluorocarbon, Normark Adapta leaders, cast carriers & wallets, rod building threads


Click the catalogue page image to view the backing & leaders range.


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